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Border Collie/Blue Heeler Mix

Grandparents: David and Linda Hall
Call: 301.977.1457 (Home)
301.980.8188 (Cell)
dave.hall@3strand.com (Email)


Mother: Lady Hall
Breed: Blue Heeler
Papers: No

A friend in Raleigh, NC found Lady in Oklahoma on a trip to purchase horses for his horse ranch. This horse rancher also raises prize hunting dogs. We got word that she needed a home and flew in from MD to see her. 20 minutes with her was all it took.

Lady had sustained a hip injury and had been traveling around possibly as much as a year with the hip completely out of the socket. She never complained. We had the hip fixed by the vet and she now has all her speed back. She is extremely fast and a great hunting dog.

Father: Rufus Gustavos ‘Gusty’ Hall
Breed: Border Collie
Papers: AKC; American Border Collie Association

Gusty is gentle and loving, but strong. He hugs like a human being and would rather be petted than eat a treat (unbelievable, I know, but it’s true!). He lives to perform. He loves jumping up on trees or reels that we set up, and never expects a treat – he just wants to be loved. Gusty is a stud, a Hollywood stud. He’s very photogenic. He’s always taken an incredibly good picture. You can see for yourself in the pictures included here.

Gusty as a pup.

Lady in the snow.

Lady with Puppies:

The Pups

Cat Ballou (Male) - Named by my buddie Rex King
Junior (Male) – Looks just like his dad! 
Latte (Female)
SOLD NoName (Female) – Haven’t coined a nickname for her yet… 

SOLD Quila (Female) – Named By Marji Bautista 
Speckles (Female) – A near twin to Quila