by Karl Rosenbaum

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-- Edgar Allen Poe NHS ---

Southbound 95 - Use the Independence Hall/Historic Area exit. At the bottom of the exit turn right onto Callowhill Street. Follow Callowhill to 7'th Street. Turn right onto 7'th street and proceed to Spring Garden Street.
Northbound 95 - Exit at "Historic Area". At the bottom of the ramp turn left at the traffic signal onto Delaware Ave. (Some sections are named "Columbus Ave.) to Spring Garden Street (about 1.5 miles). Turn left on Spring Garden street and proceed to 7'th street.
Open Daily 9 am to 5 pm, June - October.

-- Independence NHS--

There are several buildings in the park and are all within walking distance. You will have to pay for parking (unless you want to take a chance with the meter ladies). There is no parking directly in front of the VC.
Southbound 95 - take exit 17 and go straight to 2'nd street. Visitor center is on the right.
Northbound 95 - Use the exit marked "Independence Hall". Follow the signs for 6'th street. Follow 6'th street to Chestnut Street and turn left. Follow Chestnut Street to 2'nd street and turn right.
Hours: 9A to 5P daily.

-- Thaddeus Kosciuszko --

The site is located at 3'rd and Pine street, just a little southeast of the visitor center for Independence Hall. There is parking at this site, but it is for 15 minutes only. There are two stamps here. One for the site that it is named for and the Gloria Dei (Old Swedes Church). DO NOT BOTHER the sextant or the office of the church for this stamp. They are nice people but do not have the stamp. The church is open 9a - 5p, but that is just to look at it; there are not tours. The church is located at Columbus BLVD at Christian Street.


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