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K75 Tune-Up Sheet

There are two basic regular maintenance needs, the Service I at 4.5k intervals and the Service II at 9k intervals. The Service II encompasses Service I with some additional items. Then there are the annual and biennial services as well. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - based on BMW Service Sheet and non-validated Internet Message Board Commentary. Please note that this list accompanies the service sheet, there are several things to be checked I have omitted.

4.5k Mile Service I
ServicePartsApplication Notes
Oil Change Oil Filter, Filter Cover Gasket, Oil fill and drain plug crush washers
BMW OEM Filter Kit - all items included
Bosch 3330, Mobil-1 M1-102
Fill new filter with oil, lube the filter gasket with oil, screw on filter hand-tight then turn 1/3 with filter wrench. Use aftermarket filters at your own risk, make sure to remove any labels or stickers that may come off as the filter is constantly bathed in hot engine oil.
Oil - 4 Quarts
4Q BMW Motorcycle Oil, dino or synth
4Q Mobil-1 10/40 5/50 or 15/50 full synthetic
Takes approximately 3.9 quarts. Fill until on sight glass dot, usually 3.5 quarts, then top off after letting sit. Top off again if needed after engine has run and been allowed to cool. DO NOT OVERFILL.
LubeGood Waterproof Grease
Wurth 3000
Lubricate upper and lower clutch cable nipples, side and center stand pivots.
9k Mile Service II (includes all Service I)
Air FilterBMW OEM FilterRenew air filter. Many riders do this in much greater service intervals without ill effect, but it should certainly be done at least every 20k miles. The procedure take some dexterity.
Transmission OilAny good GL 5 80/90
Drain and fill crush washers
Mobil-1 GL5 75/90 Synthetic
Takes approximately 850cc/0.9 quarts - fill, let settle, check with dipstick (aka the shock adjustment tool in the tool bag) and top off as needed. DO NOT OVERFILL.
Final Drive Oil Any good GL 5 80/90
Drain and fill crush washers
Mobil-1 GL5 75/90 Synthetic
Takes approximately 260cc/0.28 quarts - excess will flow out of fill hole. Check the vent/weep hole and cap at the top of the final drive to ensure it is not clogged and the cover turns freely.
Spark Plugs 3 Bosch X5DC
3 NGK D7EA/7912
Make sure to correctly set the gap at between 0.6 to 0.7mm, or 0.024 to 0.028 inches. Fortunately the cheap little wheel/wire gappers found at auto parts stores have a 0.64mm setting. Carefully check boots for any cracks or signs of arcing. Inspect removed plugs for proper running condition. If a lean condition is found (accompanied by some stumbling or difficulty idling) proceed to check for air leaks in the air intake system.)
Fork OilTakes approximately 330cc/11.2oz for all K75 but the S, and approximately 280cc/9.47oz for the S. This is a somewhat cumbersome service, it pays to have a funnel with an 8" length of 1/16th diameter tube or a flavor injector type syringe.
Check Cable PlaysFor K75 - freeplay at handlebar, 2 to 2.5mm; length of inner cable at gearbox is 75mm or 2.95 inches.
For K100 - freeplay at handlebar, 4 to 4.5mm; length of inner cable at gearbox is 75mm or 2.95 inches.
Check Oil/Water PumpCarefully check the oil/water pump to ensure the weep hole is free and unclogged and to check for any evidence of leaks. If you observe coolant leaking from the weep hole and notice a drop in your coolant level it is time to rebuild the pump. Also look for oily residue in the coolant overflow tank. If you catch this early it is a simple matter of removing the pump and taking it to a dealer for seal replacement (it is a tricky procedure and best left to a dealer.) If you ignore it the shaft might become pitted and require replacement ($) and/or the seals may totally fail allowing coolant and oil to intermix ($$$$$). Note that ognoring the annual coolant service can and will result in a seal/pump failure over time.
Yearly Annual Service
Fuel Filter/Gas Tank

BMW OEM Filter

NAPA Gold 3032

Carefully check the inside of the tank with a flashlight, paying particular attention to the rubber fuel pump mount and fuel lines. The mount often deteriorates over time, especially with ethanol-based fuel, and turns "muddy." Replacement is easy and it pays to catch it early as its total failure will often take the pump ($$) with it. Note that all aftermarket save for the Mahle are very much at your own risk, the pump overflow release valve is rated at 65psi, the burst pressure on many aftermarket filter applications is at most 60psi. The replacement rubber mount is OEM only, replacement hose must be SAE 30R10 rated, for high-pressure Fi/submersible use. Replace small hose clamps as needed.
Brake Fluid1Q DOT 4Replace brake fluid at front and rear, and ABS system (this is best done with two people.) Make sure you have an 11mm box-end wrench for the bleed nipples as this is not included in the tool kit. Note that Speedbleeders and a Mity-Vac are very popular and make this process much easier. Also check brake pads with a small flashlight, replace if necessary. Also check the rear plastic fluid resevoir, these sometimes turn chalky over time and eventually fail - this is an excellent time to replace or if you have the earlier style, to upgrade.
Check Coolant Overflow TubeThe coolant overflow level tube becomes chalky and opaque over time, often leading to a failure. It is cheap and easy to replace.
BatteryCheck to ensure the posts are clean and free of deposits, and cell fluid levels. If needed, add distilled water only.
Driveshaft Spline LubeHondaMoly 60/Wurth 3000 even mix
Guard Dog GD525
Lubing all of the splines is a detailed and lengthy service. Often folks will reguarly lube the driveshaft splines (easy) and only do the engine/clutch spline lube service(difficult) if there is evidence of need such as difficulty downshifting, or every 20k-40k miles. The procedure to lube the driveshaft splines is not difficult and many do it as part of the annual or biennial service - remove the final drive, clean and carefully inspect, then lube the final drive splines; clean, carefully inspect, and lube both ends of the driveshaft. Also a good time to replace the swingarm boot if there is any evidence of water intrusion.
Electrical ConnectionsDeoxIT D-Series - Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator or similarCheck all electrical connections. Clean and apply contact cleaner/rejuvinator as needed. Some also recommend CRC QD cleaner, and to a lesser degree, WD-40. Also check the wire runs along the frame (especially at and around the steering head) where they are held with zip-ties - zip-ties often cause both obvious and hidden chafing and wire failure leading to maddening electrical gremlins. I know one fellow who replaces the zip-ties every other year.
Every Other Year Service
Coolant1G BMW Purple Stuff
1G Distilled Water
BMW OEM Coolant system specific crush washers.
The BMW coolant is more expensive than alternatives, but one gallon will last you 4 years. I'd recommend spending the extra $10 or so and go with the OEM coolant specifically made for these engines. Do not ever use DexCool. Do not use tap or spring water, only distilled. Make sure to check the collant hoses carefully, they often swell and crack over time and this is an easy time to replace them. Also check the radiator cap, and unless yours looks new, replace the inexpensive clear coolant level hose at the overflow resevoir.
Crankcase Breather HoseBMW OEM Hose
2 Hose Clamps as needed.
This is not found on the BMW service sheet but this hose often deteriorates and develops cracks, allowing unmetered air into the intake system and creating a lean condition that results often in poor idling/stalling (especially after the engine warms up) and premature wear on sparkplugs. It is cheap and simple to replace.
Valve Clearance This service is not difficult but it is beyond this simple sheet - read a more thorough write-up or take to a dealer, especially if you are unwilling to buy the needed shims mid-project or buy the entire shim kit ($$) beforehand.
Full Spline LubeHondaMoly 60/Wurth 3000 even mix
Guard Dog GD525
Complete Spline Service - many simply regularly lube the driveshaft splines and reserve the full service for 20k to 40k intervals unless there is evidence of need such as difficulty downshifting.




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