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   • The (not in the) UK Scammer
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My Trip Reports
Bike Trip Reports
   • HMIII, 2010
   • Cap1000 Rally, '99
   • West Virginia Quickie, '98
   • Vermont/New Hampshire '97
   • RA Fontana Rally, '97
   • Autotrain to Daytona, '97
   • Canada/Maine '96
   • Georgia Rally '96
   • Sky Meadows '95
Car Trips
   • Great SW Trip, '04
   • May Wander, '03
   • Adirondaks, '02
   • Pa Jaunt, '01

My Tech Pieces
  • Replacing a Rear Brake Master Cylinder on a K75RT/A
  • Installing Aftermarket Fork Springs on a K1100RS
   • "C" Handlebar Conversion
   • Replacing Alternator Bushings on a K75S
   • K1100RS Heated Grip Installation Notes
   • K1100 WP Fork Spring Install
   • K1100RS Mods

My Gear Reviews
   • 07/10 Camping Gear - tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags

Dave "Huge" Keuch, Ted, "Motel" Bob Ryan, Don Graling and Gary Harris

My Rides
   • My Favorite Ride in the World
   • My Favorite Autumn Rides
   • Dave Keuch's Favorite
   • A Motorcycle Insurance Mini-FAQ
   • My Test Report of Michelin Macadams
   • My National Park 25/50 Challenge Page

About Me and Motorcycles...

gone but not forgottenI used to ride the K1100RS pictured to the right.  Unfortunately in July of 1999 I totaled this beautiful machine. Fortunately after looking at over 50 bikes over four+ years I have purchased a meticulously maintained 1994 K75RT in impeccable condition from a good friend - hopefully it's a long and happy relationship (and the breath of some new life in the Trip Reports section!)

I am a member of and active in several BMW Motorcycle organizations, including the local BMW organization - the BMWBMW, two National organizations - the BMWMOA & The BMW RA, the Internet BMW Riders - the IBMWR, and the Internet Rec.Moto group - the DoD. I served on the MOA's board of directors, and am currently the webmaster emeritus and an MOA Ambassador. I am a past board member, webmaster, and newsletter editor of BMWBMW.

Take a look at the left nav of this page for more in-depth information on some BMW Motorcycle topics.


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