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The BMW K75 - Hard Cases

BMW Classic K-Bike Hard Cases


There are three types of hard side cases that can be used with BMW K75, K100 and K1100 Motorcycles. All function well but important improvements were made with each succeeding generation. The third generation cases are the most common, being made for the longest period and being the common replacement or upgrade for existing bikes. Because of the sturdier handle, outward-facing locks and more usable volume, Gen 3 are the most sought after bags.

A quick word of advice - buy a silver or white pen at a Hallmark or other stationary shop and write your name, e-mail and phone number on the outside of each bag, on the inner portion under the rail mount. You can also use clear packing tape to stick a business card or small note. When mounted this info will be completely hidden from curious onlookers. However, should you ever lose a bag while riding and not notice until it is too late to have any idea where it may have jumped off the bike, you stand a much better chance of recovering it if you provide a means for whomever happens to find it to contact you.

Type 1

The first type of hard cases, "Gen 1", were available on K75 and K100 motorcycles during the 1985 and 1986 model years. The immediate difference between Gen 1 bags and the later two generations are the square locking brackets. These square locks are much less sturdy than the later round lock cylinder offerings, and use a key resembling a luggage key that cannot be keyed to the ignition. The second major difference, shared with the Gen 2 bags, is a strap for the bag handle. The third, also shared with the Gen 2 bags, is a mottled texture on the outer lid. The fourth, also shared with the Gen 2 bags, are the locking metal rings on the securing straps on the inside the bag. Lastly, and also shared with the Gen 2 bags, is the placement of the reflector and BMW Roundel.

Type 2

The second type of hard cases, "Gen 2", were available on K75 and K100 motorcycles from 1987 until 1990. As mentioned above, Gen 1 and Gen 2 bags are quite similar with the only major difference being the replacement of the flimsy square lock cylinders with much more substantial though inward-facing round lock cylinders with keys that can be matched to the ignition for a single-key solution.

Type 3

The third and final type of hard cases for classic K bikes, "Gen 3", were available on K75, K100 and K1100 motorcycles from 1990 until 1997. The third generation cases added more usable interior volume making it possible to store a full-faced helmet. BMW also repositioned the round lock cylinders shared with the Gen 2 cases outward for ease of access and use. Third, the Gen 3 cases abandoned the mottled surface of the Gen 1 and Gen 2 bags for a smooth surface, and repositioned the reflector and Roundel. Fourth, BMW replaced the strap handle of the Gen 1 and Gen 2 cases for a sturdier folding hard-plastic handle. Lastly, many of the Gen 3 cases came with the optional rubber guards (as shown to the right.) Note that many of the BMW K1100LT bikes were delivered with Gen 3 bags with the outer lids painted to match the bike.


BAGGen 1 Gen 2Gen 3
Lock Cylinder / BracketSquareRound, inward Round, outward
Surface Texture MottledMottledSmooth
Interior Strap LockMetal Ring Metal Ring Plastic Hook
Full Faced HelmetNoNoYes
Fit BMW Bag LinersYesYesYes


Gen 1 
Gen 2 
Gen 3  
BMW Bag Liners 

NOTE: Images taken from eBay auctions, will be replaced by better as opportunity presents.

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