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The Black K75RT

The Black K75RT

I bought my 1994 K75RT on December 2, 2009. I had looked at over 50 bikes over a 4 year period before picking this bike. The bike is in impeccible condition and has 50,011 miles on the clock. I bought it from a good friend and it came a thick stack of receipts from the truly meticulous maintenance.

The bike is completely stock and has ABS brakes and options including BMW Sytem II side and top hard cases, heated grips, electrically adjustable windscreen, and the BMW comfort seat. The bike additionally came with an almost new Multivario tankbag complete with rain liner and center section.

Upcoming plans for upgrades include the Run-N-Lites K-Tail enhancement, an add-on rear brake LED Light Bar, fork-mounted driving lights, an Aeroflow headlight cover, and a few other things I will probably come across and find I need.


Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Pick Up Bike 51,011 12/02/2009 YAY New(ish) Bike!
Bike received a complete Inspection II with Spline Lube, brake fluid and coolant just prior to delivery.
Oil & Filter Change 51,951 05/31/10 Mobil-1, 15-50 (3.75Q) and a Mobile-1 M1-102 Oil Filter, new crush washers & oil filter cover o-ring.
Trans Oil 53,730 09/04/10 Mobil-1 75/90 with 1/4 strength MoS2 added, new crush washers. Synthetic oil and MoS2 made a noticeable difference though gradually over about 100 miles - from the typical "K-Bike Clunk" to much more precise "snick" shifting. Highly recommended. Will do the same for the final drive when I lube the splines with GD-525 soon.
Oil & Filter Change 55,961 05/14/11 Mobil-1, 15-50 (3Q), Castrol 4T (1Q), Mobile-1 M1-102 Oil Filter, new crush washers & oil filter cover o-ring.
Final Drive Fluid 55,961 05/14/11 Mobil-1 75/90 with 1/4 strength MoS2 added, new crush washers.
Oil & Filter Change 58,002 11/08/11 Mobil-1, 15-50, BMW OEM Filter, new crush washers & oil filter cover o-ring.
Oil & Filter Change 59554 09/08/12 Mobil-1, 15-50, Bosch 3330 Filter, new crush washers.
Fuel Filter 59554 09/08/12 BMW OEM Filter

Unscheduled Maintenance History

Rear Spline Lube 55,997 05-21-11 Pulled the final drive and drive shaft - splines look excellent, cleaned and used GD-525 Moly grease per PG recommendation
Rear Brake Pads 55,997 05-21-11 Still about 25% pad material left, used EBC Kevlar FA-18.
WestCO Battery 57,561 10-09-11 Battery died during trip to Monterrey, VA. Made it home on a jump start, replaced with new WestCo Battery.
Crankcase Breather Hose 58,002 11-08-11 Replaced the crankcase breather hose, the old one looked fine but when I took it off it was easy to see what looked like mild dry rot was failure of the hose. Replaced with the pricy but perfect-fitting BMW OEM, along with BMW OEM hose clamps.
Rear Tire 58,750 12-17-11 Replaced rear 140/80-17 ME-88 with a Bridgestone BT-45V, 130/90-17.

Notable Milage Records

Trip Description Trip Notes
51,004 12/02/09 51,011 12/02/09 Test ride with Bill Shaw around the backroads of Oakton, Va. Yeah, like I wasn't going to buy it anyway :) Fuel Pump gets whiney when it is low on gas.
51,217 05/20/10 52,107 05/23/10 Hungry Mother K11OG Gathering - Rode down 375 miles to Hungry Mother State Park via Lexington [66>81>64>18>100>42>16], then returned 345 miles [16>81>66]. Ran like a champ. Battery Tender Jr, works like a champ, kept the battery in top shape.
52412 07-28-10 53,213 07-31-10 Grear trip - rode up through Bloomsburg, PA then on through the Catskills where I met GaryH in Phoenicia, then on up to Bennington. Rode up to Mt. Graylock Friday, then through Manchester on Saturday (with an awful lunch at the Red Mill Inn in Wilmington -- avoid!) Sunday Fletch needed someone to take the other rail on his bike trailer so I volunteered and rode home from Maryland. Mileage was great, generally took 4.2 gallons at around 200 miles.
53,247 08/20/10 53,751 08/21/10 Rode up to 4-winds Rally for the night, met up with DonG, had great pizza. New tent/sleeping bag/air pad a big win on hot nights. Cooked in the Aerostich in the 90-degree heat.
53,803 09-05-10 54,009 09-05-10 Great day ride with BillS - met for breakfast at Leesburg Restaurant then some great roads. MoS2 and Mobil-1 75/90 gear oil has made a noticeable improvement in shifting, much cleaner and easier shifts. BMW riding suit much more comfortable than Aerostich.
54,377 10-07-10 54,786 10-08-10 Ride out to re-discover Smoke Hole Canyon and try a little cold-weather camping.
55,030 11-12-10 55,431 11-12-10 A nice Autumn ride. Bike performed flawlessly.
57,240 10-08-11 57,855 11-09-11 A Monterrey Get-Away Weekend Battery failure :)
58,155 11-27-11 58,400 Lost & Found ride to Shephardstown Awesomeness

Delivery Day:

Atop Mt. Graylock:


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